Consulta Plus is a simple but powerful, professional program that is two programs in one: Consulta, a medical records database designed for the homeopath, and Tesi, a program designed to collect information about homeopathic substances. Initially developed as a personal research tool by Dr. Mangialavori, Consulta allows the practitioner space for office visit notes. It also has the ability to search successful cases for prescriptions, key words, illnesses, etc. In other words, Consulta makes it easier to cull useful information from cured cases so that it can be eventually be added to materia medicas and repertories. Tesi, the second database, can be used simply as a way to collect and store seminar notes, images, and facts about the substances. Following the Method of Complexity, it offers a visual ‘index card’ where one can list the remedy themes, symptom groups, and common ailments. One click on a particular theme opens a space for additional explanation.
These FileMaker-based programs were developed over 25 years ago by homeopaths for homeopaths. Initially they sold for 50 to 100 euros, and a not-for-profit association was incorporated to invest proceeds toward further development. The current version for Mac—there are no PC versions—is 9.1.6. This version is based on the latest version of FileMaker and is compatible with El Capitan. Version 10, with major updates, should be released in the coming months. In the meantime, version 9.1.6 of Consulta Plus is being offered free of charge.

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